We are an Educational Robotics Company like no others: we use robotics – that is our passion – to transmit not only hard skills but also, and above all, soft skills, that series of cross-cutting skills not learnt at school so required today by the working world (team working, problem solving, listening, critical thinking and so on…). We believe in a 360 degrees education. Our activities are designed to stimulate, simultaneously, all the different forms of intelligence: spatial, logical-mathematical, social, introspective, linguistic, kinesthetic and creative.

Our goal is as simple as ambitious: make education – and more in general the learning process –funny always and however. This applies to any age, any context and each person. Everyone has to get the chance to learn enjoying oneself and express oneself in the world through one’s own passion, whatever it is – to be happy every day!

We want to make the world a better place…making people happier! OFpassiON helps everybody to find his way through the discovery of his passions. Only if we love what we do every day we could be satisfied and reach a long-term happiness.

We invented a new and disruptive educational method, the OFpassiON 10 Rules. The method was born in collaboration with Boston MIT and it was adapted to the market needs thanks to the Valeria and Francesco’s unique vision. The quality of the method has been consolidated “in the  field” thanks to thousands of hours of training activities carried out by OFpassiON throughout Italy, in Europe and worldwide. Our education is one in a kind: it gives the possibility to develop each side of the person within a single interdisciplinary context…in a funny way!

We believe that the training process affects everyone, everywhere. For this reason, our offer is complete and suitable for all ages and in all contexts: team building sessions for companies, structured paths for schools, workshops for teachers, labs for kids, teens and adults, motivational speeches for events and fairs, residential summer camps

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